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Seamlessly incorporate ATRS after-tax results in order to impact your performance analysis and reporting. Considering taxes at the federal, state, and local levels, ATRS combines ease of analysis with flexible reporting to deliver a comprehensive, holistic view of client portfolio results after taxes. 

The integration enables you to:

  • Automatically populate ATRS data as a suite of custom reports in your performance reporting provider

  • Leverage ATRS-specific portal "snapshots" for strategic and empirical analysis

  • Configure after-tax data within pre-built reporting pages

The reporting templates available to you through your performance reporting provider are:

  • "After-Tax" Performance Reporting

  • "Tax Inclusive" Financal Statement Analysis

  • "Tax Sensitive" Implementation and Rebalancing

This question is worth re-asking:

"If taxable investors had access to after-tax reporting, would they ever use pre-tax reporting?"

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